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It is a wonderful boat with all kind of comforts and extras: WIFI, wireless speakers to which you can directly connect your mobile and listed to your personal music, nets to lie down on while sailing, solar roof, outdoor and indoor fridges, dinghy, masks with tubes for snorkeling, and a wide list of other comforts.

Our catamaran is not the typical boat on which 50 or 60 persons gather all together. It’s a boat only for you, it does not fallow a fixed route, it can sail wherever you wish. Obviously when the time, weather and distances allow it. It is a lovely sail boat and we always try to sail with the wind in order to keep the engines off, respecting the environment and enjoying an incredible day of sea and sun.

Our charter rates, with ALL INCLUDED (except food and alcoholic drinks) are:

-       1.400 euros daily charter (7 or 8 hours and flexible time) - MAY, JUNE, SEPTEMBER

-       1.600 euros daily charter - JULY and AUGUST

-       800 euros half a day charter (3,30 hours and flexible time) – MAY, JUNE, SEPTEMBER

-       1.000 euros half a day charter – JULY and AUGUST

        The price include: professional skipper, diesel, final cleaning, VAT, mooring taxes and boarding/onboarding. Also included drinks (sodas and water) but NOT food and alcoholic beverages.   

  Daily Charter is about 7 hours. If you wish to see the sunset from the boat in front of Café del Mar, as we always recommend, we can adapt the departure time and return to the sunset, which changes depending the moment of the year. Furthermore, if you wish to disembark for a meal (which we also recommend) we offer you an extra free hour. So in this case you will not feel the sensation of losing time of your daily charter while eating in the restaurant.


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Referring to the food and drinks we can offer you the fallowing options:

OPTION 1: have the meal at the restaurant on the beach: The best restaurants and the most famous ones, in the summer are located on beaches that we usually visit during our wonderful daily charter. All these restaurants and Beach Clubs offer a free pick up with their tender. After bathing, once you are ready we only have to give them a quick call by radio and they will easily come and pick you up with the dinghy and drop you off on the beach, just in front of the restaurant. After eating you must only tell them to take you back to the catamaran. We can suggest you the best beach clubs and restaurants or you can choose on your own. Furthermore, in this case when you decide to disembark for a meal we offer you an extra free hour of sailing, so in this case you will not feel the sensation of losing time of your daily charter while eating in the restaurant. In this case your daily charter will be 8 hours and no longer 7, and for the same price.

OPTION 2: have a meal on board. You can bring your own food and drinks. We offer you the use of an outdoor fridge where you can store your ice and drinks. Before boarding you can easily buy ice bags in the restaurant of the Nautical Club in San Antonio.

OPTION 3: Catering on board. We can offer you different menus from 25 euros to 50 euros per person.

Even if a daily charter of 7 hours can seem a long time, all our clients are surprised by how fast the day goes by.

WE offer you different routes:

ROUTE 1): Excursion of the most beautiful beaches. We onboard from the luxurious Nautical Club of San Antonio, where our catamaran is permanently moored. We sail for approximately 1 hour until we reach Cala Bassa, considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Spain. Here you can take a swim and then disembark to go eat at the famous restaurant Cala Bassa Beach Club or other restaurant on the beach. They have all kind of cuisines: paellas, typical Ibizencan dishes, sushi bar, fusion and also pizza and hamburgers. After this first stop we will continue sailing to Cala Comte (Cala Conta). A paradisiac beach, located between the point of Ibiza and Bosque Island, with turquois water. Again also there we will drop the anchor and take a swim. From there we will continue sailing passing in front of Conejera Island and if there is enough time also stop in Cala Salada. As last we can pass in front of the famous Café del Mar, where hundreds of persons applaud to the sunset just in the exact moment the sun goes behind the sea. This is the most beautiful moment of the day. Just after the sun sets it will take us about 10 minutes to reach our final return destination, the Nautical Club of San Antonio and there disembark.

ROUTE 2: Excursion to Formentera: our boarding port is far from Formentera in order to go and come back in one day. Therefore, we recommend a 2 days excursion. There we will drop the anchor in the famous Illetes beach, where you can bathe and disembark for a meal in any beach club you wish. Even though Formentera is well known, I personally recommend the Route 1, with a much more variety of beaches and views, less wind and therefore more comfortable for those seasick persons and disembarks are much easier.

How can you book?

In order to book a daily Charter we ask 50% in advance (by bank transfer) and 50% can be easily paid by cash on arrival.

Once we receive the first payment we will send you an invoice as receipt for your reservation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time and for any questions.







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