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Massage service… Ibiza Villa!

Ibiza Villa always thinks about your relax and your comfort!

That’s why we thought about one of the most relaxing treatment..
the massage!

Massage is a form of ancient therapy and also one of the most natural gestures we perform daily, since it is instinctive to rub a sore shoulder, or rub that part of the body that hurts us. In practice it is a set of different maneuvers performed on the body to relieve muscle or joint pain, to tone the volume of some tissues, but also to preserve and improve mental well-being, releasing tension and fat

massages ibiza villa, Massagen

For Ibiza Villa this practice is the perfect combo to relax your mind and your body. In fact we believe that massage is not a mere physical act that allows us to obtain a specific well-being, but we think that massage is an existential condition that allows us to find a deep connection with our being, often with extraordinary effects. Difficult to think of something more pleasant than a massage organized during your holidays directly at the luxury villa you will chose for your stay in Ibiza.

Not a simple relaxation!

The wide range of masseurs and masseuses with an high professional level with whom we have been collaborating for years will be able to offer you massages of all kinds, from total body relaxing massage to ayurvedic, shiatsu, Thai, aromatherapy, anti-stress, energizing, decontracting, draining, and more.

Take care of your body and give yourself moments of pure relaxation and complete wellness directly in your luxury villa. Let yourself be tempted by our treatments and choose the most suitable for you. You will just have to contact us before or during your vacation to organize and plan your massage, choosing the date and the time you will want to have this relaxing ritual.

massages ibiza villa, Massagen

We choose our team of masseurs and masseuses following an accurate test. By choosing this service, you will be sure to have qualified professionals ready to make you live the best relaxing experience directly in your luxury villa. Our professionals will be happy to satisfy your needs and to offer you a unique  moment of relax and mindfulness.

massages ibiza villa, Massagen

Rely on the expert hands of our professionals to regenerate your body and your mind and give you a moment of pure relaxation. After your treatment, we recommend you to have a natural herbal tea or a detox water to feel the benefits of the massage and to continue the moment of relax.

massages ibiza villa, Massagen
massages ibiza villa, Massagen