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Security service… Ibiza Villa!

Ibiza Villa offers you a service that takes care of you

We want you to live a real experience of relax

During your stay, you will not have to worry about your security and the one of your friends or family. Ibiza Villa already thought about a surveillance service to keep safe your luxury villa during daytime and evening hours of your vacation. In this way, you will be really able to enjoy your holiday in Ibiza with the maximum peace of mind thanks to our private security service.

security ibiza villa, Security

We selected the best security companies on the island of Ibiza. This qualified staff is able to attend and control the luxury villa you choose in your elegant neighborhood with highly customized solutions, in the ways and times that you will request.

What we offer

Ibiza Villa will provide you professional guards in uniform, if you require, trained for the custody of private assets. They will be the strongest deterrent against break-in attempts, home burglaries, supervising your guests invited to a private event or, if you are a VIP, also protecting you from paparazzi. We are always calibrated on the client’s need, with the utmost professionalism and discretion. If you are looking for a high level of security in your luxury villa, we are the answer to your question. We will guarantee you an effective security service in Ibiza during all your stay.

security ibiza villa, Security
security ibiza villa, Security

We’re here for you

It is normal that you care about your security, even more if you will be in vacation with your children. Given the fact you will be in a luxury property, it is right to protect yourself from every kind of theft or violence. To counter intrusion attempts, we provide you a private surveillance service that carries out a series of operations based on the periods of stay and the location of your private property.

Maximum security

The first tool to enhance your security is the day or night patrol, during which the guard monitors the integrity of the villa at agreed times that you will request. A greater degree of security is guaranteed with fixed guarding, which can be temporary at agreed times or permanent for long periods. In this case, for example during a private event that you have organized at your luxury villa, a uniformed private guard will be stationed at the entrance of the luxury villa you rented exercising control both on external and internal spaces, controlling the people passing. You will also be able to request the guard to stay in front of the gate, at the door, in the entrance, in the garden or wherever you would like him to be. Our guards are also trained in fire prevention and first aid. Ibiza Villa also guarantees for their impeccable civil and moral conduct, maximum confidentiality and reliability and a good education.

security ibiza villa, Security
security ibiza villa, Security