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bibo park ibiza, Bibo Park Ibiza: Guided Tour, Hours and Prices
April 15, 2023

Bibo Park Ibiza: Guided Tour, Hours and Prices

bibo park ibiza, Bibo Park Ibiza: Guided Tour, Hours and Prices

The Bibo park in Ibiza is a well-known Botanical Garden, considered one of the most innovative in Europe. With no doubt It deserves a visit, in our opinion it should be considered a “must see” for all the tourists that come to Ibiza.

We are talking about the most famous garden of the Balearic Islands, a magic place where you can enjoy at the most the nature of Ibiza and Formentera, and at the same time learn what you can do with biotechnology.

Therefore, Bibo Park is not only the right place for admiring the native flora in all its glory (there are more than 25.000 plants of more than 160 varieties), but also the site in which you can interact with it.

There are several areas in which you can find the reproduction of various “environments” with its rivers, creeks, salt pans and flora, and you can visit each area with no restriction.

But the rea connection between human and nature is perceived with the plant-based piano, the unique installation in the world that allows the reproduction of sounds and lights thanks to the use of the constant vegetation as “biological antennas”.

Below we will indicate all the information about Bibo Park (Botanical Garden) in Ibiza.

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bibo park ibiza, Bibo Park Ibiza: Guided Tour, Hours and Prices

Bibo Park: What to see
The Bibo Park (Botanical Garden) in Ibiza can be visited by appointment, you can buy the tickets directly online, from the official website of the park. We suggest buying the tickets in advance, to not have problems of availability.

In fact, Bibo Park is only open in certain periods of the year, and the demand of tickets is always high. It’s the ideal place to enjoy unique environments across the globe, such as the salt pans.

In fact, it is possible to admire and see the fantastic reproduction of the salt pans in Ibiza, and discover the secrets of the salt treatment, from the extraction to its production.

Bibo Park does not only offer the salt pans as environment full of natural beauty. The park has some areas exclusively dedicated to the different natural habitats of the Balearic Islands.

You can visit: freshwater habitat; dune habitat; coastal habitat; forest habitat; rupicolous habitat.

bibo park ibiza, Bibo Park Ibiza: Guided Tour, Hours and Prices

Regarding instead Biotechnology, at Bibo Park in Ibiza it’s possible to discover how a … photobioreactor works! It’s a machine able to endlessly duplicate the microalgae only thanks to the sun light and the air.

The microalgae are very important for the atmosphere oxygenation and bring support to the life of every living been on earth. Do not forget to se the plant-based piano, the real treat of the Botanical Garden in Ibiza.

Built by a British company specialized in biotech, it’s the first instrument on earth able to create sounds and lights only by the interaction between humans and nature. Simply by walking, touching a leaf, and so on.

This is possible thanks to the frequency variation that occurs from these interactions, that are then transformed into tension and finally into electrical conduction. At last, the tension is transformed by the plant-based piano into a sound.

Hours and prices
The Bibo Park in Ibiza is open in the months between May and October, from Thursdays to Saturdays, from 10:00 to 18:00, and on Sundays from 10:00 to 14:00. Below the different type of tickets available: Standard ticket – 15,00€; Residents ticket – 12,00€; Numerous families ticket – 40,00€.

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